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November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

This year has been such an eventful year! From having our second daughter, Addison, to traveling more than any other year for work, to adding a soon to be brother in law to the family and a new niece and nephew, it’s truly been a great one! Here’s my super gushy thankful post of the year!

This year I’m thankful for:

  • Alex having one more month of school left (2.5 years was so long) and so grateful that God made the months fly by!
  • Abbie has been an incredible big sister, everyone warned me that she will be jealous and needy, but she’s been anything but that; if anything, when I want to take her out on a mommy-Abbie date, she’s like “can Addison come too?”
  • My parents, Alex’s parents, my sisters, and sisters in law, who watched the girls while we traveled for work (and some fun). It really takes a village to run a thriving business.
  • All the patience God’s blessed me with as I try to run a business, be a housewife, a mommy to an independent 4-year-old and very needy infant.
  • My little niece (Laura’s baby) and little nephew (Ligia’s baby) who we welcomed this year! Both healthy and strong.
  • A very patient and understanding husband who understands that I can’t do it all and that that is ok.
  • My dad survived his second heart attack (PRAISE GOD FOR KEEPING HIM ALIVE!)
  • Thankful that even though God allows us to go through trials, He does so, but not before making sure there are cushions there for us to fall on (that’s a different blog post, coming soon)
  • Forever thankful for His grace that He never stops giving, even when I’m so undeserving.
  • Thankful that 2017 made me a more patient mom, a more loving wife, a smarter and stronger entrepreneur, and more hungry for Christ.

Can’t wait what 2018 will unfold!

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