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April 6, 2016

Tennessee Wedding Photographer | Mr. & Mrs. Morrison

My senior year of high school this girl showed up in my choir class. I was pretty proud of my singing and reading music skills, as well as my ability to fluctuate between soprano and alto. But mostly I was proud of my volume. I was loud enough to blend in with the other voices, but even when there were three altos and 10 sopranos, you heard us. And then Lexi showed up, switched high schools because the SMHS choir blew any other choir out of the water. At first I was intimidated. Really intimidated, but then she walks over, smiling, and practically yells with excitement, “Hey I’m Lexi!” There she is, a girl who’s not only as loud as me, but maybe even louder, and with my stronger soprano-alto range and no amount of force from anywhere in the universe could keep me from being friends with her. Her spunk, adventurous spirit, sense of spirit and love for people and the Lord automatically pulls you towards her. Instant friends. Her infectious laugh is just that, infectious! She will make you laugh till you cry and be there for you when you can’t stop crying due to heartbreak.

After high school its easy to lose touch with others, but thanks to Facebook, and other social media platforms we were able to still see where we are in life even though we were miles apart. It was such a joy for me to see the happiness and joy on Lexi’s face when she would post photos with her boyfriend Darren, and then when he proposed — and dropped the ring 🙂 — and to be here for her as her wedding photographer and friend as she planned her wedding day! Like many of her close friends and family said, many things went wrong a few weeks before the wedding day, many plans didn’t come to happen, but through it all Lexi knew that the most important part is that in the end its all about her marrying her best friend. Her love. Her soul mate. The one God created just for her. And she couldn’t wait for it.

And God was there. God was there when she was getting ready in the morning. God was there when their friends and family prayed over them. God was there during the ceremony when they decided to show their love and devotion for one another by washing each other’s feet. God was there when they walked down the aisle hand in hand. God was there during the reception through sweet speeches. He was there through the joy and the love that embraced and surrounded the whole wedding day. And God was there when hand in hand they ran together into the unknown. But what they did know was that God was with them this far and He was never going to leave them.

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