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Phoenix Engagement Photographer | Adrienne & William

The way he looks at her, it speaks volumes. It shows the way she is his whole world and his bestest friend in the whole world. Something I’ve been starting to do lately is ask my couples for a little summary of how the proposal happened and how they felt and remember it. Funny thing, Adrienne emails me the whole story, and then a few minutes later I get one from William and I almost fell over from laughing.

“She forgot about the part where I had to fight off a herd of wild mountain chihuahuas from trying to steal the ring. It was a grave battle… But ultimately we won.”

Funny guy! This is why I love Adrienne and Will! They are such a genuine, loving and joyful couple. Thankfully I haven’t had a couple that bickers during their session in a veryyyyyyyyy long time, but these two… I don’t think they ever even fought. The love they have for one another is so evident and so fulfilling. She’s organized and a planner, he shakes things up a bit. Well I’ll let them tell you a little bit about how they feel about each other.

Here’s a little excerpt about their wonderful proposal:

“After a few weeks of dating Will and I knew we had something very special. Not long after did we start talking about a future together and marriage. Although being the planner I am we had discussed a pretty good timeline of engagement, wedding, and the next five years already. Little did I know though that Will was shaking things up a bit from our plan. For us our engagement actually started on Christmas even though he would not propose till a few days later. One of our favorite stores to explore is Paper Source and he told me for Christmas he had ordered me a custom gift. I was super excited to open it but Will told me Christmas Eve that they had messed it up and it would not arrive until after Christmas… My sister and I arrived at the store after work and one of the workers, who we knew from our countless shopping adventures there, greeted me and pulled out a box from behind the counter while I signed the pickup slip. After the package was in front of me she encouraged me to open it. I kept saying no but finally my sister chimed in and said just open it so under the peer pressure I did. Inside was a mug that Will had gotten me for my birthday that said “Best Day Ever” and I was so confused. I said I already have this. Then the worker told me to turn around. I did and all I saw was a display. She then said to look up and there I saw this beautiful banner in teal and gold that say “Will you marry me?”. My heart started racing and I said some choice words of what is going on? Then the music went soft in the store and Will came from the back playing our song “Fools Rush In” on his guitar. I of course started crying because a little errand had turned into the best present ever! After he serenaded me, like a true romantic, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him but reached for the ring and said he forgot it. I said it was okay but at that moment our parents, siblings, and best friends jumped out from in back and said “We got it!” and brought out my ring. With all our closest friends and family around I of course said yes to marry this wonderful man God had blessed me with. I was then whisked away to a wonderful patio dinner with all of our friends and family were we celebrated and began dreaming of the wonderful future Will and I are going to have.”

Ahhhhhh LOVE!

As you scroll down through the photos you will see a beautiful wooden heart shaped box that was meant to be used during the proposal, but silly Adrienne found it before the proposal, so we decided to use it during the engagement session as a memorable. Adrienne and Will, thank you for being you. For loving each other unrelentlessly, and for putting Christ above all else in your relationship! Thank you for driving to Prescott for your engagement session, it was a dream!

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