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Monthly Goals | August 2019

It is August friends! More than half of 2019 is already gone and stored in boxes with the word “past” stamped on it. So many of us, myself included, look at the last month, last week, and even yesterday, and get sad because you cannot believe that it’s gone so fast. I mean, I’m looking at the fact that Abbie starts school next week I’m kinda freaking out.  I pray she’s ready and that I showed her how to be kind, loving, friendly, but I also pray that she is bold, independent, and brave. As social as she is, I hope that it’s not super overwhelming for her and that she has the best and most supportive and encouraging teacher ever! Anyway, that’s not the point of this blog post. Seriously, I get sidetracked sooo easily 😬!

Anywayyyyy haha! So stoked to let you in on this accountability thing that seems to actually be working for me! By the way, if you need an accountability partner, definitely send me a message and we can work something out.

Here we go, you ready? Cause I’m ready, lezzgo!

Family/ Personal Goals:

  • start reading the bible with the girls
  • Workout 3x a week
  • Eyes up, phone down. Enjoy as much family time.
  • clean up and organize both bathrooms
  • wake up every morning at 5am, go to bed by 10:30pm
  • read 2 book


  • Visit 3 wedding venues on Oahu
  • finalize styled shoot
  • blog 2-3 times a week
  • book 1 wedding and/or elopement
  • book 4 sessions for the following months
  • print Bridal Guides
  • Focus on Pinterest again

What about you? Got any goals you need to knock out this month? Let me know in the comments below!

Veronica Ilioi is a destination wedding, elopement, and portrait photographer based out of Oahu, Hawaii, but would love to travel the world photographing you. She loves capturing emotions and freezing them for generations to come. But more than that, Veronica wants to give you an experience you’ll never forget. Photos that will be timeless even when you and your love are old and gray. Memories that will bring you right back to your wedding day. She captures photos in a light and airy, joyful and romantic way. Let’s not overlook the fact the Veronica loves cracking dad jokes, eating chocolate like its the most important meal of the day, and having deep meaningful conversations.


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