phill collins

"You'll be in my heart. From this day on, now and forever more."

I can't say I've always known I wanted to be a photographer, that I took my first photo when I was 3. Because that's not true (it might be true for my 3 year old Abbie, considering she takes around 100 photos a day on my phone), but I can tell you that that I started liking photography in my early high school years. It was something that I thoroughly enjoyed. I remember my senior year of high school my photo teacher invited one of his previous students who has already graduated, who ended up pursuing photography as a career and became a wedding photographer. I distinctly remember how I felt listening to her speak about how she photographs weddings on a monthly basis. "That could never be me. I will never be that good. I couldn't imagine anyone trusting me to photograph one of their most important days of their lives." Let me tell you something. I believe in taking your dreams and not proving others wrong but proving yourself wrong, because before others doubt you, YOU doubt yourself.
Today I find myself so thankful for being able to share such a special day with you, to be able to capture it for you and freeze those moments in a way that you can't help but feel joy just by looking at them. 



"I want to be more than just your wedding photographer. I want to be your friend. I want to serve you and give genuine, hospitable, personable, joyful experience."

xo, veronica

I believe in loving so hard you can't help but be as giggly and happy as a little girl.


I believe in photos that make you feel that love, so hard that you can't contain the tears of joy streaming down your face as you look at them.


I believe in the father daughter dance that makes everyone in the room cry, even us behind the camera.


I believe in dancing in the kitchen when no one is watching.


I believe in legacy, in working hard to leave a mark on someone in this world. I believe in giving back, changing lives, and loving hard.


I believe in early morning coffee dates before work accompanied by good morning kisses and late night take out Netflix evenings with goodnight cuddles.


I believe in true love, sacrificial love, in the one who gave Himself for us, so that we may live. I believe in Jesus. I believe in love.


I believe that my relationship and interaction with you is a special opportunity that God blessed me with so that I may serve you and bring joy into your lives.





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Some faves are from young age, some have recently become my favorite.

Okay, so its a real obsession because right now I have more mugs than my cabinet can hold. So, what needs to go? Also, the cup pictured is a sweet gift from one of our brides, who we love.

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one: coffee mugs


I think I own over 15 journals. I use them for everything from devotionals, to client meetings. My favorite is writing down all the funny things Abbie says.

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two: journals


I'm not a big fan of candy, but if you want to ever get me something for my sweet tooth, GIVE ME ALL THE CHOCOLATE.

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three: chocolate


Always lipsticks, never lip glosses. I love a little color on my lips, but it always has to be lipstick. Something about lip gloss reminds me of my high school years.

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four: lipsticks


This one definitely became a favorite just recently. I was a true Coca-Cola drinker, but realized that despite the AMAZING taste, it wasn't too good for me. This became a great substitute.

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five: LaCroix


If only you were to see my office desk. It started when I was pregnant with Abbie (our 3 year old) and I was forgetting things ALL THE TIME. It became a favorite since then.

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six: to do lists


There's always music playing in our house. Whether its the moana soundtrack, Praise and Worship or musicals (*cough*HAMILTON),
 its never quiet in this household. We loveee Spotify.

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seven: music


Now this one is also a recent favorite. For over 10 years I detested PB, but one of my weird pregnancy cravings was peanut butter, and well, I'm hooked now. But, I don't like PB&J. (no hatemail please). :)

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eight: peanut butter