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November 21, 2015

Letter To My Sister, Before She Becomes A Mrs.

What do you do when your best friend gets married and moves 1200 miles away from you? You promise each other to always stay in touch and you go from there. Now, what do you do when your sister who happens to be your best friend, falls in love, gets married and decides to follow the love of her life 1200 miles away from you? You cry… a lot, you live in denial for many months, because there’s absolutely no way that she is actually moving, you blackmail her groom into staying in Phoenix, you get an iPhone so you can facetime 24/7 :), but most importantly you reminisce on the wonderful memories you made together growing up.

Ani, you’ve been by my side my whole life, I grew up looking up to you, and even though I was younger than you by a little over a year, I protected you because nobody messes with my Ani. I hid my own progress report cards so Mama and Tata didn’t ask and see yours, I lied for you when you hit the curb and got a flat tire, I fixed the orders when you messed up when we worked at Sonic and took your shifts when you didn’t feel like working, and I was your guinea pig when you were studying at Toni&Guy. But all of that is nothing compared to everything you’ve done for me. You let me tag along and you never cared that I was younger than you, we were a team. You let me borrow your clothes even though I stretched them out, you always encouraged me to follow my dreams, you modeled for many many projects of mine, you laughed at my jokes… even the ones that weren’t that funny. You took my side even when I was wrong, you forgave me, you were my roommate for 90% of my life, you came to all my cabaret nights and musical performances, you are my twin that I never had. I’m going to miss your quirkiness and your jokes… that half the time don’t make sense, so don’t get annoyed if I call you 3 times a day, plus 3 times a day each from all the other sisters.

You’ve waited 25 years for God to send you the one you love more than you can put into words, the kind of love that God envisioned for you to one day have. God sent you the man that pushes you to do your best, to follow your dreams, the one that believes in you! It’s so funny because you are one of the most oblivious girls I’ve ever met, and we love you for that, because that’s what makes you Ani, but God loves you soooooooooo much that He created Eli just for you and he is perfect for you, just as oblivious and funny!

No more waiting Ani, tomorrow your fairy tale begins, and its not like any storybook fairy tale, this one is way better… Your fairy tale includes God and if you put Him at the center of your marriage, He will guide you both and I pray that you lean on Him for understanding as you begin your life together. And as I prepare myself for the rehearsal tonight and your wedding tomorrow my prayer is that you will never ever stop laughing at your own jokes, never stop believing in each other and push eachother to become the wonderful people God created you to be! We love you so much…. here’s to many, many, many FaceTime dates! <3


Ani&Eli 2015-26



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