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May 12, 2017

God Opposes The Proud

I’ve been reading the book of James for a few months now. It was definitely much more often before Addison arrived; ahh the life with a newborn AND a toddler. I like to take it by passages, and sometimes I stay on the same set of paragraphs for a few days as I try to dig deep into God’s Word. Yesterday I read James 4:1-12, and it talks about being “friends” with worldliness. It was such a nice morning digging into his word while my babes were sleeping.

Well this morning I opened to James again, and was about to pass on to the next passage, when a verse from yesterday’s passage, a verse that I didn’t even underline, popped up.

“God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” James 4:6


You see, a few days ago I was talking to both my mother in law, and Alex about how I had to raise my prices. Having two kids under 3 makes it hard to shoot 20+ weddings a year. I need to be home more and spend more time with them so I needed to price myself a little bit higher knowing that those clients will get upmost attention during their engagement period, wedding day, but also during post process. I didn’t want them to be just another client, I absolutely adore and cherish every one of my couples and their friendship. So I was telling them, “now that I raised my prices, the customer service/experience part also needs to be raised to the next level.” And then this sentence came out of my mouth,

“When it comes to the photography side of it, I’m proud of them, I’m good. I’m better at it then a few years ago, and I’m always trying to master it and educate myself more and more.”

Then I felt bad about saying that. Should I be proud? “Vero, humble yourself.”

You can imagine my surprise when God brought that verse to my attention a few days later. At first I felt a twinge of sadness over my conversation, but He pushed me to dig deeper. So I pulled up my Blue letter bible app, (thanks Jane Johnson) I searched the verse, and clicked on “the proud”. You know what the meaning of it is?

  1. showing one’s self above others, overtopping, conspicuous above others, pre-eminent

  2. with an overweening estimate of one’s means or merits, despising others or even treating them with contempt, haughty

MY GOD. How amazing are You. He comforted me and spoke to me when I didn’t even ask Him. He knew my heart, that deep down I had this worry of being proud, and He reassured me that its okay to be proud of ourselves, of how far we’ve come. I know that only by the grace of God I won the internal battles of comparing myself to others many years ago, of thinking I’m not good enough. I haven’t compared myself to others in a long time. I look at other local photographers’ photos and I’m proud of THEM. My God, reminded me of where I was a long time ago and reminded me that battle has been fought and won, and that if there’s anyone I should be overtopping its myself.

So friends, wherever you are in life, don’t be afraid to be proud of how far you’ve come, be proud in Him who gives grace, boast in Him and all He’s done in your life. You are amazing, you are wise, you are strong, motivated, smart, intentional, but above all, you are MORE than conquerors.

Glorify Him above all else, for He is good.


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