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February 26, 2019

Fall Inspired Wedding in Sacramento, California

Fall Inspired Wedding at the Croatian American Center in Sacramento, California by Unfading Beauty Photography

Fall Inspired Wedding at the Croatian American Cultural Center in Sacramento, California

Titus and Lori.

A love story written by God himself. Because how else could Titus find a more perfect woman for himself? We’ve known Titus for almost 10 years since he’s my brother in law’s brother. So, he’s pretty much family as we always considered him one of the brothers. The brother in laws (what we call them since we’re 5 married sisters) even have a group message and Titus is part of it. And like every Romanian, we always asked him when he’s getting married. It took him a few years, but then Lori came in his life, and everything changed. This lady is such a beauty, she’s super smart, genuinely joyful and so loving.

The morning of their wedding day, they both got ready at Titus’ home, him on one side of the house and she was on the other one. And being in his home I came across picture frames with photos of the two as well as poems they wrote to each other while they were dating SUPER long distance. Things like that made me love them even more as a couple!

All in all, everything was absolutely perfect! From the flowers by Walnut & Main, to the venue (Croatian – American Cultural Center), to Ani Chirla doing Lori’s makeup and both the bride and groom’s hair, it just went really smooth. Our sweet Abbie had the opportunity to be their flower girl and she loved every second of it, especially the throwing the petals. And as you scroll down check out their super cute ring bearer who was escorted by Titus’ brother and sister in law as ring security!

I know it took me way too long to blog this wedding, but I’m just really happy its live and ready for you all to love it along with me!


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