phill collins

"You'll be in my heart. From this day on, now and forever more."

Photography and I have been on quite a journey. I can say that my passion for photography began in my early high school years. It was something that I thoroughly enjoyed. I remember my senior year of high school my photo teacher invited one of his previous students who has already graduated, who ended up pursuing photography as a career and became a wedding photographer. I distinctly remember how I felt listening to her speak about how she photographs weddings on a monthly basis. "That could never be me. I will never be that good. I couldn't imagine anyone trusting me to photograph one of their most important days of their lives." So I went on pursuing other things, just because I needed to have a real job, as many people told me. But I never gave up on my camera, my passion. I still photographed seniors and families and very small budget weddings as much as I could. But my heart wasn't there. I didn't love it. And then a wonderful friend of mine, Becky, trusted me to photograph her gorgeous wedding day. I fell in love. I felt at home. And since then I've never looked back.

There are so many aspects that I love about being a photographer. One, I get to do what I love. I remember working in the hospital kitchen while trying to start up my business, and looking forward to being able to go home and edit my sessions. Lately its also great being able to stay home and raise my daughter while being pregnant. I want to lay down and take a quick power nap, that's manageable. But those are the behind the scene faves.
I love the getting ready part of a wedding day. What's better than you and your besties hanging out and getting your hair and make up done for the most important day of your life. You see, I come from a family of 5 girls, so being around you and your girls is where I feel like home. I'm also known to be the funny one in my family, so I will definitely be throwing some jokes here and there. Someone needs hold zipping their dress, I got you.

THE FIRST LOOK. This has to be top favorite for me. You and your groom get to see each other prior to walking down the aisle, and while some thing doing it might lose the magic of walking down the aisle, I beg to differ. You see, when I first saw my very own groom, it was prior to the ceremony, and it was so special. He held me, hugged me, kissed me, checked me out and vice versa, and we were able to talk about how excited about getting married soon. I teared up, he teared up, it was amazing. But you see, when I walked down the aisle, there was a whole set of emotions that hit me. "I can't believe I'm getting married. All these people are here for us. Waited so long for this day!" But I didn't need to think about, "What does he think of my dress, is my hair ok?" All my couples that I've photographed that had a first look they said, that was the best decision of their wedding day. They get to share a special moment before the ceremony, where they can cry and hold eachother right after, and well I cry behind the camera.
But in all seriousness, my favorite thing about being a wedding photographer, is working with my amazing couples. I love them all individually, from my very first couples ever photographed, to next weeks bride and groom, I love them all with all my heart. They are all such amazing people with great hearts and tremendous love for each other and me. They're the people that add "photo with Veronica" on their immediate family portrait list.
I also get to work alongside my husband, Alex at every wedding. But that's an extra bonus to my amazing job. He hold my gear, looks amazing, makes me laugh and keeps me hydrated and takes bomb photos throughout the day!

The interview

how did you get into photography?

what's your favorite part of photographing a wedding?

" favorite thing about being 
a wedding photographer, 
is working with my amazing couples. 
I love them all individually..."